International Autonomous ROBOT RACING Competition (IARRC) 2018

Friday-Saturday JULY 13-14, 2018 – University of Waterloo

Team Information, Reports, and Videos

Here are the 13 teams that participated in Robot Racing 2018, sorted by travel distance from closest to farthest:

0 kmUW RoboticsUniversity of WaterlooCanada
3 kmViking RoboticsWaterloo Collegiate InstituteCanada
24 kmCavalier RoboticsPère René de Galinée (PRDG)Canada
99 kmWE BotsUniversity of Western Ontario (UWO)Canada
553 kmOttaboticsUniversity of OttawaCanada
752 kmPAVEOhio UniversityUSA
898 kmVAULUniversité LavalCanada
1436 kmRoboJacketsGeorgia TechUSA
4211 kmMonta VistaMonta Vista High SchoolUSA
4305 kmSnowbotsUniversity of British ColumbiaCanada
7000 kmKNR SelfieWarsaw University of TechnologyPoland
11970 kmAshvaCity Montessori School (CMS)India
13660 kmAndamanKing Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT)Thailand

Individual team member names are linked to downloadable certificates.

Andaman, King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT), Thailand

Team Members: Present: Assoc. Prof. Benjamas Panomruttanarug (advisor), Mr. Nuttawat Lertpanitarn (Team Leader), Ms. Karnrawee Manochomphu, Ms. Tharuesida Teeratorndumrongdej, Mr. Nithi Anutarawekin, Mr. Charunwat Jongprasert, Ms. Natthanan Chawphongphang, Absent: Mr. Phatcharaphong Thongchim, Mr. Phakhawat chullamonthon.

We are undergraduate students from Automation Engineering under Control and Instrumentation Engineering at King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi. We are passionate about electric vehicle and robotics.

Ashva, City Montessori School (CMS), India

Team Members: Present: Siddiq Alam Khan, Kartikeye Khanna, Utkarsh Singh, Aastik Saluja.

No description provided. Email Jeffrey for update.

Cavalier Robotics, Père René de Galinée (PRDG), Canada

Team Members: Present: Andrew Mourcos, Jacob Chausse, Jacob Hergott, Levi Kusaula, Sophia Mourcos, Absent: Joel Zhang.

We are a completely student-run french high school robotics team from École Secondaire Père-René-de-Galinée (Cambridge, Ontario). Our team was founded last year by students to promote interest in engineering, robotics and computer science at our small school. This year, we got the opportunity to extend our club into two groups: junior (worked on smaller projects) and advanced (worked on the IARRC robot). We can’t wait until next year’s competition!

KNR Selfie, Warsaw University of Technology, Poland

Team Members: Present: Mateusz Perciński, Mikołaj Marcinkiewicz, Mateusz Grudzień, Mateusz Mróz, Mateusz Marczuk, Krzysztof Gawin, Maciej Krasa, Kornelia Łukojć, Michał Jarzyński, Łukasz Jakubowski, Absent: PhD Krzysztof Mianowski.

We are robotics team from Student's Robotic Association of Warsaw University of Technology, Poland. Our association develops mobile and autonomous systems for variety of contests.

Monta Vista, Monta Vista High School, USA

Team Members: Present: Surya Dantuluri.

I am a high school student from Cupertino, California. I am interested in Computer Science and Robotics and do robot racing to challenge myself in both of those fields.

Ottabotics, University of Ottawa, Canada

Team Members: Present: Jimmy Deng, Billy Jiang, Tommy Deng, Absent: Rock Liang, Adel Rashed, Miranda Holder, David Nduka, Lucas Anderson, David Knox (advisor).

No description provided. Email Jeffrey for update.

PAVE, Ohio University, USA

Team Members: Present: Dr. J. Jim Zhu, Mitchell Brightman, Dylan Denner, Absent: Letian Lin, Yingnan Zhan, Yichao Li, Yang Liu, Yuanyan Chen, Miguel S. Sempertegui, Stuart Randle, Hong Zhang, Matchima Buddhanoy, Krerkkiat Chusap, Jonathan Waters, David Wisniewski, Logan Wilkovich, Archie Scott.

The Ohio University Professional Autonomous Vehicle Engineers (OU_PAVE) team undertook the challenges in developing the technology for high-speed autonomous vehicles and robots, and entered the IARRC completion.

RoboJackets, Georgia Tech, USA

Team Members: Present: Brian Cochran, Varun Madabushi, Joe Spall, Luis Pimentel, Carrie Li, Evan Bretl, Absent: Matt Barulic, Sarah Storer, Ben Holmes, Kyle Lundberg, Sahit Chintalapudi.

RoboJackets is Georgia Tech's competitive robotics team. RoboRacing is one of 5 subteams within RoboJackets which competes in multiple autonomous race challenges.

Snowbots, University of British Columbia, Canada

Team Members: Present: Marinah Zhao, Absent: Gareth Ellis, Raad Khan, Robyn Castro, Valerian Ratu, Vincent Yuan.

We are an engineering student design team at the University of British Columbia (UBC). Our team consists of members across many disciplines who are passionate about engineering, robotics, and the future. Each year, we apply our knowledge and creative talents to build robots capable of navigating challenging terrain without human input, and compete against robotics teams from around the world.

UW Robotics, University of Waterloo, Canada

Team Members: Present: Tsugumi Murata, Jack Xu, Adrian Malaran, Andrew Jin, Brian Tran, Brian Kibazohi, Matthew Post, Waleed Ahmed, Yun-Ha Jung, Angela Gu, Absent: Toni Ogunmade, Aditya, Mehul Mamidwar, Sanjeevani Lakshmicarahan, Matthew Teichman.

No description provided. Email Jeffrey for update.

VAUL, Université Laval, Canada

Team Members: Present: Philippe Dandurand, Alexandre Gariépy, Julien Becirovski, David Landry, Jean-Christophe Bourgault, Natacha Becirovski, Absent: Philippe Giguère (advisor), François Pomerleau (advisor), Jérôme Isabelle, Philippe Lebel.

Véhicule Autonome Université Laval – We are a bunch of graduate and undergratuate students coming from the Computer Science and Electrical Engineering departments of Laval University in Quebec City. We also like beer.

Viking Robotics, Waterloo Collegiate Institute, Canada

Team Members: Present: Kevin Zhou, Nick Pfeifle, Michael Denissov, Sheila Afros, Alex Kitaev, Andy Bao, Absent: Daniel Cheriyan, Devrim Gunal, Taehoon Kim, Alexander Kropp, Adeeb Mahmud, Afzalur Rahman, Kailey Williamson, Anita Yang.

Highschool team from Waterloo, future UWaterloo students

WE Bots, University of Western Ontario (UWO), Canada

Team Members: Not Provided. Email Jeffrey for update.

No description provided. Email Jeffrey for update.

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